Select videos from past house concerts. More coming soon!

Raul Malo (7/23/10)

Terry Adams “Please Don’t Talk About Me” (11/29/08)

Covered In Vinyl (6/30/10)

Susan Cowsill “Palm Of My Hand” (6/25/06)

The Redwalls “Crash On The Levee” (5/11/07)

Elizabeth Cook “Sunday Morning” (10/27/07)

Rosie Flores “Country Boy” (8/15/08)

Kelly Hogan “Watermelon Time In Georgia” (2/18/06)

Peter Case “Entella Hotel” (2/24/07)

Brian Henneman & friends “Kit Kat Clock” (10/6/07)

The Skeletons “Trans Am” (11/9/07)

The Skeletons “Crazy Country

Chatham County Line “By The Riverside” (3/22/08)

The Gourds “Ants On The Melon” (4/15/08)

James Intveld “My Heart Is Achin’ For You” (8/15/08)

Steve Dawson “Friend Like A Wheel” (5/20/06)

And check out these audio recordings:

Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple “Neverland” (1/31/09)

Bill Kirchen “Semi-Truck” (6/27/09)

The Domino Kings “Where Your Lies Stop” (1/15/10)

The Derailers “Come On” (3/6/10)

Jim Lauderdale “Life By Numbers” (8/21/10)

The Spampinato Brothers“Get Rhythm” (9/23/10)